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Sugar Importation and exportation Cairo – Egypt

Sugar Importation and exportation in Cairo. Tradan Global Company works directly with local producers in to offer the best quality sugar from several refineries and at the best price in the whole market. We act at all stages of the import and export process making your purchase of sugar in  Egypt more profitable and less bureaucratic.

What we do – sugar export industry Cairo

The Tradan Global Company works hard to be the a huge reference in Egypt in the suggar exportation and importation business. We have trade representative in all world and a special trade and tax conditions to Cairo.

Access to the best suppliers

We have access to the best input producers in all Instambul. We work in direct connection with major industries and the most modern ports around the world.

Easy Documentation

Documentation is always a vital part of sugar imports and exports. Our specialists will facilitate all the paperwork and bureaucratic part.

Cairo Sugar Market

The quality of our sugar sugar is known worldwide. With top quality and extreme abundance the sugar industry in this country is an international pole.

ICUMSA 45 sugar and others

The variety of sugar-related inputs in Cairo is huge. Tradan Global Company is a pioneer and has been working directly with local producers for years.

Protected and regulated transaction

The import and export of sugar requires specific tax documentation from a financial institution and the government. Our company makes the whole process easier for you.

Global reference in exports

The focus on imports and exports in Cairo does not come overnight. It is many years of relationships cultivated to reach the top.

Generating New Ideas. Solving Big Problems

To operate in the sugar market, which is one of the most competitive and relevant in the world, requires years of expertise. Leave it to Tradan Global Company’s export specialists.

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